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Nicolas Tye Architects recognise the importance of maintaining balance within the day to day running of a school and have experience in working on projects with at times very challenging sites, while the school may remain in operation. We consider the key to a safe, successful & smooth running project is good communication which should start from the outset.
We have a team of highly motivated architects and designers with an ever-expanding involvement in the education sector. We will work alongside local authorities, stakeholders, consultants and contractors to establish the brief, develop the design and take the project through to a successful completion.
By our nature, we seek to create beautiful sustainable buildings that we hope will inspire the pupils and staff, as well as the community within which the building sits. We also understand that beautiful design is redundant without the project being practical, and we work rigorously with our clients and the potential users of our buildings to ensure their use of the space is simple, innovative and motivational.
Our experience thus far has allowed us to gain an understanding of how to reach an equilibrium between aesthetics, budget and practicality. We develop positive client relationships through our professional yet friendly approach.
At Nicolas Tye Architects we see the importance of investing in the future, and we believe as architects we have an important role to play in this.

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