International Meditation Centre, East of England

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Our site, located near Billericay, Essex is the focus for a new iconic International Meditation Centre, set adjacent to the footprint of the existing run down and outgrown structure, with new landscaping and upgraded parking and access facilities. The design of the meditation building was largely generated by the spatial requirements that needed to be met. This was explored in a way that offered efficiency of space whilst creating a high quality contemporary design within a forestry environment. In response to these requirements, the development is designed as three main zones- entrance rooms, meditation hall and relics. The roof line reflects these requirements. It was also critical that the design should incorporate a significant amount of glass to enable as much natural light to enter as possible. This has been carefully dealt with through the integration of various methods of glazing treatments to ensure privacy where necessary from the parking area and the roadside and minimise solar gain to the flank elevations. By integrating glazed “links” and circular apertures to the roof and rear elevation, the interior of the building comes “alive with light” at all times of the day, with an ever changing experience as the sun moves across the site. The scale of the building is visually controlled by the use of glass and a sensitive palette of subdued materials that evoke a sensitive a form with great delicacy for its size. Landscaping also assists to soften the building form and help root it within its setting.

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