Mixed Use Scheme – Retail, Commercial, Community and Residential

  • arts
  • community
  • Corporate
  • regeneration
  • retail

Located in the North-West of England this sea-side town is waiting for an architectural catalyst to gentrify this sea-front site. Covering some 7 hectares the site is generally run down and under utilised with the exception of the elegant Midland Hotel and the war memorial areas.

Our proposals seek to encourage and revitalise the area by producing a mixed use scheme which allows for all ages and walks of life, crucially, all of the year round and throughout the day and night to enjoy this opportunity of an area. Our proposals positively encourage investigation and pull you through the spaces and forms created by the intriguing offsets of the city grid.

Facilities include theatre spaces, dance halls, retail, residential, cafes, restaurants, museums, chef schools, information centres, offices and exhibition spaces. This vibrant mix of uses, twinned with elegant modernist architecture invigorates a new beginning.

The new promenade is re-established, enhanced and explored using new pier offshoots and piazza type spaces created by the new building forms. Elegant tree-lined routes, robust and yet inviting furniture and materials pull a new community and visitor attraction spirit to the area.