Observatory / Astronomy Deck, Northumberland

  • arts
  • community
  • educational
  • regeneration

Located in the Kielder forest these proposals aim to create a new “land-mat” a new platform which welds, cloaks and weaves itself to the existing undulating landscape. Made as a series of timber decks this platform blends into its site context allowing users and visitors alike to experience this man-made nature inspired structure to position yourself related to landscape and skyscape aspects.

This basic amateur astronomy based observatory contains the minimum key ingredients which allows for it to become a recreational as well as educational centre.

A series of purpose built platforms allow users to occupy their own space on this facility, whilst dedicated rotating platforms with specialist equipment allow for all year round use of the proposals with hi-end facilities. Internal educational rooms as well as key facilities to the proposals allow for educational and visitor interaction. By utilising key natural local materials such as stone and timber our proposals lend itself to this locality and landscape.