Secondary School Masterplan

  • educational

This secondary school has transformed itself over the last 5 years attaining extraordinary educational status in such a short period of time. We have been asked to produce a Feasibility Study on creating a new enticing and invigorating entrance approach and central courtyard to the school which is currently under designed and under utilised. Our proposal aspires to invigorate and produce a new catalyst for the school. By introducing a clear strategy which practically resolves the existing restrictions and under utilisation of the space, will have allowed for multi-use, multi-type spaces for all to enjoy. A new steel frame and canopy multi-functional external performance space, alongside robust furniture, elegant lighting, adequate cleanable well designed waste-bins and courtyard areas, allows the space to ‘breath’ and become a practical and usable arena, all year round.

Events can now be extended to inside and outside of school hours, increasing the use, adaptability and community involvement. A dramatic archway greets the new courtyard entrance, clearly identifying to all, but in particular visitors, to the main route way to reception which is located away from the car parking area. From a practical point of view the scheme also increases parking provision whilst more clearly separating it from pedestrian movements. Other practical considerations include; canopy covered areas for bus waiting, bike stands, and raised planter bays creating a vibrant new look to the school. These are low maintenance planter bays, maintaining natural break out areas to route ways and courtyard spaces created in our scheme.