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Design Statement

We aspire to making extraordinary buildings and spaces, even from the most difficult of design briefs. Our clients are often quoted as saying how pleasantly surprised they are in us finding such simple and effective design solutions. Creating them is not necessarily the easiest, but the pleasure gained is the greatest. At Nicolas Tye Architects we pride ourselves on extraordinary design.

We take your design brief and push it to its limits by spending time and energy studying and extracting the core needs which we find, as a practice, helps to push us to the best result. Our aim is to ensure lifetime pleasure.

Our design follows no whimsical fashion or trend, but pushes the boundaries of design to create elegant, timeless and invigorating architecture and design. We are very inquisitive, questioning where appropriate. Why, for example, should speculative work have to use the cheapest of materials and the poorest aesthetics? By carefully assessing where budgets should be spent on particular materials and areas to attain the best results, we often find this does not need to swell project budgets significantly and that higher values through our design and details are attainable. We encourage our clients to investigate using non-toxic, environmentally friendly products and energy efficient systems to benefit both client, users and our environment. This in turn has a positive view to our clients and users alike on the end project.

We are not just interested in environmentally friendly materials, energy saving devices, sustainable design and materials specifically; what we do is ensure the clients and the users gain the best buildings and spaces and this is reflected by careful overall analysis of these topic areas for inclusion where appropriate but not prescriptively.

Our operation is not insular, by working with the best professionals and organisations we achieve the very best architecture and design for our clients.