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We enjoy the challenges of ensuring existing buildings are protected and reused in a way that does not detract from the qualities of the original building. We encourage clients to use existing buildings as often as possible for cost and environmental reasons. Our projects have covered listed buildings, buildings in conservation areas, bespoke barn conversions and also projects where local authorities covenant covered areas have their own individual classifications which require special attention.

The skill and art of allowing an existing building to flourish in the way that it was originally intended and to enhance and not degrade its origins is our design philosophy. Extensions to historic buildings or simply new additions adjacent to historic areas are treated with the greatest of care and respect.

Some project scenarios will lead us to leaving older buildings almost untouched on the external face, other times we move architecture forward not simply copying or whimsically pretending the new is old. After all we have a wonderful series of eras of architecture in our history and we need to be as brave as thoughts before us to make a new high quality era with the capabilities of today’s materials.

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