Beech House, Derbyshire

  • one-off houses

Beech house is a project for a replacement dwelling in Derbyshire. Its contemporary design has been conceived to contribute positively, and blend with the special architectural and historical character of the Conservation area where it is located. Achieving our clients wishes for a modern family home.

The composition of the proposal involves simple rectilinear forms and the subtle sophistication of the detail produces an elegant external envelope. Light embellishment and patternation of the perforated leaded shutters on the main elevations starts to break down these forms and adds layers of texture and depth to the proposal. Whilst doing so, it provides a contemporary use of a traditional material as lead and reflects the continually evolving skills of a local industry and craft to which our clients are strongly associated with.

The heavy set lead clad form floats effortlessly above a glazed volume, itself bisected with a feature concrete wall that provides a physical separation between private and public areas of the home. Flanking structures for the pool and garage help the scheme embrace the primary functions of the front and rear gardens.

The result is a responsive facade that interacts with the conservation area and promotes design quality of the past and present and one which embraces the future.