Cotswolds Houses

  • Multiple Units

” Nicolas Tye Architects were commissioned by YOO Estates to conceive innovative ideas for their development known as The Lakes in the Cotswolds. The Lakes is an exclusive resort and hence privacy for all users was top priority. Development density was important in terms of financial viability but not at the compromise of privacy or uninterrupted views to the lake beyond. A large section of shoreline was not developed, this allowed users an ‘uninhabited’ view, where only flora and fauna would be seen. Various site-specific constraints had to be considered, for example public footpaths and the discrete concealment of vehicles to name only two.

The building’s external materials were chosen for their ability to weather and mature naturally creating an architecture which merges with nature. At the same time, carefully positioned large openings were created, immersing occupants in the lake’s atmosphere. The maximisation of natural light and solar gain creates bright spaces and adds energy efficiency.

These luxury properties offer families the opportunity to live alongside nature and with the various actives provided onsite really are a truly fantastic place to spend time”