great munden house, hertfordshire

  • one-off houses

Located in open countryside in Hertfordshire this site provided the opportunity for a replacement dwelling which would enhance the locale and provide a holistic, sustainable and innovative solution to this fabulous site.

By re-orientating the house provided a more direct connection to the sites land and by careful arrangement of the principle habitable spaces allowed for elegant courtyards and connections to the panoramic countryside views. The simple, timeless and elegant horizontal forms provide privacy to the street side elevations whilst opening up the rear of the elemental forms to the open garden views. Utilisation of robust low maintenance materials in the form of through renders, metal panels, stone and aluminum window frames provides a holistic solution using long lasting life-cycle materials.

In ecology terms the proposals enhance and provide new bat accommodation allowing for the new forms of architecture to the site for the 21st Century family requirements. Landscaping is opened up and fortified in the right locations to provide enhanced views where required and privacy and security where essential. Hard landscaping is utilised to ensure there are all year round external areas which can be enjoyed by all.

Sustainability and environmental issues were key to the solution in providing ground source heat pumps, high levels of insulation, rainwater harvesting, low energy lighting and grey water recycling.