northwood house refurbishment, north london

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Located on the southern edge of the Copeswood estate, Linksway comprises a significant number of generous detached family homes; creating an area of special local character. It has been noted that the area’s character is generated by the distinctive, yet harmonious, individuality of the existing properties. We felt that it was important for the proposed scheme to reflect this quality, strongly relating to the local aesthetic whilst making its own unique contribution.

The clients wished for an ultra modern family home that would compliment its surroundings. This has been achieved by realizing an architecture of sympathetic disposition. Through our investigative process and analysis of the local character we were able to create a contemporary family home within this established local context. The plot is ideally located to achieve this, nestled at the far end of Linksway adjacent to the extensive woodland of Copeswood. In this instance the solution was to renovate and extend the existing 420sqm dwelling, attaining an additional 200sqm of living space, whilst minimizing the impact on the building’s existing massing. We achieved this with a half basement beneath minimal rear and side extensions allowing generous, well lit, open living and recreation space.

From the beginning of this project we formed a close working relationship with our clients to evaluate their use of our proposals as the scheme has developed. Ultimately, this led to a complete re-orientation of the ground floor living space to accommodate their needs. Our close working relationship has been key to the success of this project; with the client recently expressing that we have created their dream home.