Lower Dean, Paragraph 55 house

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Osier Stables is an outstanding and innovative 4 bedroom dwelling in a rural location in Lowerdean. The site is adjacent to an existing equestrian development in order to enhance the character of the site and its immediate setting and facilitate the continuity of the stables.

Our aim is to achieve planning permission for an exceptional landmark building under the Paragraph 55 clause of the National Planning Policy Framework based on the exceptional quality and the innovative nature of the design of the dwelling.

Using the design ethos of the existing buildings as a design generator firmly plants the principle of the design against the locally distinctive theme. Black creosote is replaced on the upper storey by a system of charred wavy timber boards; this preserves the wood in a natural way, while better revealing its form. Oak is used for the bulk of the charred timber cladding, in keeping with the adjacent stand of oaks. The front face of the house is uniquely clad in charred willow, in keeping with the history of the site as a source of willow, continued in its name, Osier. Charred oak is rare, charred willow unique.

The design incorporates a new type of glass technology which imprints in a ceramic bake, which in this case will also be used to provide privacy, screening, shading from solar gain and a link to the timber detailing. The lower section of the building is largely glazed to allow light and landscape connection but also allows for a series of ceramic walled panels.

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