wallingford house, oxfordshire

  • one-off houses

Set along the river Thames in Oxfordshire the site for this one off dwelling boasts idyllic views along the water and out to the open countryside.

Our client’s brief was to demolish the existing house, which due to past land sales, looked into the garden of a neighbouring property. In its place we designed a 4 bedroom home that embraces the views across the site whilst providing the privacy (that most wish for) that was sought by the clients.

The envelope of the building was created assuming two elements. One “solid” element with louvered glass and glazed apertures to allow natural light to enter the internal spaces whilst shielding the building from the noise of the road, and a second open element, formed by a glass wall to enhance a relationship between the internal and external environments.

Another component of the brief was to integrate a double-height library space, which formed a breathtaking design for the entrance area. The combination of contemporary design and sensitive materials creates an elegant “box” that unifies the dwelling with its natural surroundings.