wyboston house, bedfordshire

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Located in a the Wyboston Land Settlement Association (LSA) are the site had some very specific and individual planning constraints. The LSA was a government run scheme from the 1930’s to resettle unemployed workers from depressed post industrial regions of Britain. Applicants were provided with 5 acre plots and a newly built cottage that formed part of a co-operative community scheme. The scheme progressed through various revisions but ultimately failed and was closed in 1983. The site has since been deemed as a heritage asset and because of this the existing workers cottage and general plot layout had to be retained. Over the subsequent years the existing dwelling was greatly uttered and added to, accommodate modern living standards that are befitting of a plot of this size and allowing a new use and lease of life.

We sought to undo this previous damage and remove the existing low quality extension that surrounded the cottage and detracted from it. We then replaced these with high quality contemporary additions to the rear and side. In effect this promoted the existing restored cottage as a feature and provided to a clearly legible site history. It also secured the sites future as a residential plot with equestrian facilities to the rear thus retaining its former split use. The use of corten cladding and bio-diverse walls and roofs contextualised the new additions into their semi agricultural/semi residential setting. By pushing the new additions back into the site and away from the roadside, we retained the existing sense of open space, with the existing dwelling still of to one side, that is characteristic of the LSA.
The final scheme increased the existing two up two down cottage to a contemporary 5 bedroom home with annex outbuildings, and minimal impact on the site. Our client has taken the project on as a self build and is now on site, working towards completion in the near future.